Providing counseling regarding the maintenance of pregnancy gives the owner of the female dog the best chance of obtaining the maximum litter size, maintaining a healthy mother, and producing healthy, viable puppies. This counseling begins with the onset of heat with the utilization of vaginal smears and in house Immulyte run progesterone values. Once a successful breeding is achieved, a pregnancy ultrasound is performed on the female thirty days later. At approximately 55 days, the female’s abdomen is radiographed to confirm the number of puppies. After appropriate counseling about whelping of the female and good communication with the female’s owner, a cesarean section could be required. If needed, Cesarean sections are performed after careful evaluation of the female’s whelping progression or past history of a failure to whelp properly.

There are many situations in which it is desirable to plan an elective cesarean section. Cesarean section in the dog is a safe procedure and optimizes the result of a canine pregnancy. It has been proven that a planned cesarean section results in the best outcomes for both the bitch and her litter. Scheduling of the cesarean section involves an interaction between our doctors and the owner of the bitch. We recommend cesarean sections for one puppy litters, for all brachycephalic breeds, for bitches with vaginal strictures, for huge litters and for bitches with a previous history of dystocia (difficulty in delivery). There are other circumstances which can result in a recommendation of a planned cesarean section. Following a cesarean section, the bitch should nurse her puppies and mother them normally. Our veterinarians and technicians are highly skilled in Cesarean section procedure and puppy resuscitation to ensure the best outcome for the dam and pups. We also offer after-hours obstetrical care for our clients.