Thinking of breeding? Here are a few things you might need to know….

Bitch Information

  1. Bitch should be checked for Brucella Canis (Canine venereal disease) at the beginning of each cycle.
  2. Begin vaginal smears on day 2 or 3.
  3. Begin Progesterone (P4) testing once the vaginal smear is 80% cornified.  P4 tests should be repeated as often as indicated by the veterinarian (usually about every  other day.) Depending on the dog, 1-6 P4 tests may be necessary.
  4. The best conception occurs 2 days after ovulation.
  5. Depending on timing, only 1 breeding may be necessary.
  6. AKC requires that a veterinarian perform both the collection and insemination.
  7. Frozen semen breedings require exquisite timing – breeding occurs later than with natural service, artificial insemination or chilled semen artificial insemination.

Stud Dog Information

Contact the stud owner at least 2-4 weeks in advance to inquire/verify:

  1. Availability of stud
  2. Current brucellosis test
  3. Method of obtaining chilled semen- name and telephone number of veterinary hospital responsible for extending semen, procedure, veterinarian’s name, veterinarian’s experience etc…
  4. Has stud ever been extended before this collection? We strongly recommend testing extension before any collection.
  5. Does the stud dog have viable semen? (Many stud dogs do not have semen that tolerates extension.)
  6. Stud dog must have DNA on file at AKC or have DNA collected at time of collection for extension.

Shipping Information

a.  Ship FedEx priority overnight.
b.  Have tracking number available.
c.  If the semen is to be shipped for Saturday delivery, mark the form for Saturday delivery.  FedEx will not deliver if the form is not marked “For Saturday Delivery.”

Scheduling Breeding Appointments:

  • Semen Freezing – Must be done before noon
  • Chilled Semen Shipping – Must be done before 3:00 pm
  • Artificial Insemination – Must be scheduled before 5:00 pm