As our dogs and cat grow older, many changes in their physiology occur. Just as with their human owners, pets experience joint pain, possible weight gain, mental slowing, cataracts, diabetes mellitus and other age related processes and diseases. The veterinarians at Smith Veterinary Hospital believe in good geriatric care and education to maintain your senior pet’s quality of life. Appointments are always available for counseling.

We offer senior wellness panels to assess your dog or cat’s organ function and to diagnose disease early before there are any outward signs of illness.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment to discuss them with us:

  • Loss or increased appetite or thirst
  • Increased/decreased thirst or urination
  • Difficulty with stairs, getting up or down from rest
  • Coughing or exercise intolerance
  • Weight loss
  • Sneezing, foul breath, dropping food
  • Lack of energy
  • Arthritis or orthopedic problems
  • Loss of hearing or vision
  • Dental problems
  • Heart and kidney disease
  • Other behavioral changes
  • Reduced exercise, reluctance to move, run, jump, etc.
  • Perception of pain  when your pet moves or is handled
  • Any vomiting , diarrhea or lack of bowel movements

Along with the wellness exam our veterinarians may recommend different diagnostics such as blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, ECGs, blood pressure checks and other tests as selectively determined.