Smith Veterinary Hospital, Inc believes that individual breeds are enhanced by the cosmetic cropping of their ears. This surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia using stringent surgical sterility and technique. Post-operative pain management is provided to the dog as would be given any other surgical technique preformed at Smith Veterinary Hospital, Inc. Client counseling on the proper techniques of taping the ears provides the maximum success for a proper look to the ears with minimal hassles to the dog.

All puppies must be evaluated by Dr. Frances O. Smith prior to the actual surgical procedure. This examination includes counseling on what to expect post-op with taping techniques, evaluation of the actual cartilage of the ear and its ability to stand properly after surgery, and general discussions about the client’s expectations for the dog and its ears. All ear crops on all breeds should be performed between six and ten weeks of age. Any consideration of ear cropping after ten weeks of age must include the understanding that the ears may not stand properly.

Smith Veterinary Hospital, Inc does not crop Pit Bulls or Pit Bull types of dogs.
Below are some pictures of dogs Dr. Smith has cropped:




Doberman Pinscher

Great Dane