Smith Veterinary Hospital has on premise a state of the art Esaote ultrasound. Because of the capabilities of this machine, the veterinarians at SVH can visualize not only the beating of fetal hearts during a pregnancy ultrasound but examine the abdomen and thorax. SVH offers echocardiograms on an appointment basis. Yearly scanning of the heart in breeding animals eliminates the surprises. Routine cardiac evaluations can include color flow Doppler. Our veterinarians enlist the services of Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists for consultation on all echocardiograms. The abdomen can be evaluated for a myriad of disease processes. At SVH, veterinarians use ultrasound to enhance their diagnostic capabilities. From cystic calculi in the urinary bladder or an enlarged spleen, to biliary tract disease and cystic kidneys, these are but a small collection of problems seen with ultrasonography.