If You Are New To Smith Veterinary Hospital

You can fill out the new client information online ahead of time, or you can come approximately 15 minutes early to get checked in for your appointment. If you would prefer you can print out the new client form and fill it out prior to your appointment. New Client Check In Form (PDF).

We have appointments Monday through Saturday and we typically schedule one half hour for an appointment. We usually have two doctors on during the week and one doctor on Saturday. Please note: Saturday tends to be a very busy day, so you may have a slightly longer wait. We perform surgeries Monday through Friday. If we have not seen your pet before, we recommend setting up an appointment with the doctor prior to the surgery so we can make sure your pet is healthy enough and answer any questions you have about the procedure, recovery, etc.

If your animal has previous medical records (including vaccinations), please bring a copy with you to your appointment, or you can have your previous veterinarian fax the records to us at 952-882-0798 prior to your appointment.

What Else Should You Bring To Your Appointment?

Fecal (stool) sample – New puppy or kitten, annual health exams, or if your pet has loose or abnormal stools. We only need a small amount, it should be less than 24 hours old and should not be dried out or frozen. It is okay if there is litter or grass on the sample.

AKC (or CKC) Registration – We need this information if you are coming in for any OFA procedures (hip and elbow x-rays, thyroid registry, cardiac, etc). We also need this information for certain reproduction procedures or other health screening (semen freezing, DNA, etc.). We can make a copy of your dog’s registration and keep it in his/her chart for future testing as well.

  1. New Client Information
  2. New Client Form
  3. Prescription Refill Form

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Please call 952-736-8278 to set up an appointment for your pet. Please let the receptionist know the nature of your visit so we can let you know if there is anything special you need to do.