Prescription Refill Request

A minichem checks liver, kidney, glucose & protein

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Prescription Refill Request

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Drug Information

Our goal is to provide you a simple method for re-ordering your prescriptions with us.

Please check to be sure your pet is current with these guidelines prior to placing your order.  Please note:  we are happy to mail you pets medications to you.  If you would like them mailed, just let us know.  

A guideline for some of the more common refills and blood test monitoring.  A minichem checks liver, kidney, glucose & protein, as well as red & white blood cell counts to make sure there are no ill effects of the medication and that your pet is able to metabolize them correctly.

Drug Name Labwork Frequency

Amitriptylline Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Tapazole Minichem 2 & T-4 test Every 6 months
Thyroxine T-4 Yearly
Phenobarbital Phenobarb Levels & Minichem Yearly
Rimadyl Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Deramaxx Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Prednisone Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Metacam Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Enacard/Enalapril Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Proin Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Cystolamine Minichem 2 Every 6 months
Lysodren ACTH Stim test Every year
Potassium Bromide KBr Level At 120 days & yearly

Most medications not listed will require a physical examination within 1 year.
Please call if you are not sure what requirements are needed for your pet or with any other questions or concerns
Credit Card Preauthorization form. Please complete this form and fax (952-882-0798) or bring it in.


Owner Name:
Phone Number where you can be reached if there is a problem:
Animal Name:
Medication Requested:
  Check all boxes that apply to your request:
Please mail the above items to my address*
I wish to be informed of the charges prior to charging my credit card**
Please keep the above prescriptions at the clinic,
I will be in to pick up on...
  This form is offered only to clients whose pets have
1. Been seen at Smith Veterinary Hospital within the last year
2. Have already obtained a prescription for the product requested
3. Have had blood work checked according to the Rx Refill Information Chart
4. Have placed a credit card on file with Smith Veterinary Hospital
(if order is to be shipped out)
* Shipping and Handling charges will apply to all orders mailed out.
All items will be mailed out USPS unless otherwise noted or requested by the client.
** This box must be checked to receive the total amount prior to shipment.

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